Online Booking Features

Let your website take bookings for you

There are many different types of Online Booking Features we can add on to websites depending on what outcome the client needs.

Online Booking Features
  • Hotel accommodation 
  • Self-catering bookings
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Take Away ordering system
  • Experiences
  • Health businesses
  • Beauty/hairdressing
  • Leisure facilities
  • Private shopping

Easy search

You need to have a navigation system making it easy for the user can easily find what they are looking for. Mention as much as possible about your product a great description will help produce more sales.

Responsive website

The visitors will try to access your websites with different devices, so it is essential that your website is completely responsive.

Availability Calendar

This depends on each type of business and can be very important so to provide precise and detailed information about each and every bookable product on your website.

Clear cancellation and refund terms

Most of the websites allow customers to cancel their booking. Make it clear how they can cancel and always specify the cancellation time period.

Easy to use, easy to pay

Make your website so convenient to use that even a person who hasn’t ever booked.


  • Easy to search and find
  • Easy navigation
  • Organized, categories and pages
  • Relevant images wherever possible
  • Great product images
  • Easy checkout
  • Easy cancellation
  • How they contact support